Collect cards, construct your deck and build a civilization to stand the test of time!


Prodominus is a revolutionary new game where you must build a civilization using a customized deck of cards. An unique experience is provided with a mix between the epic scale of empire-building and the fast-paced action of collectible card games.


You collect cards, construct a deck and then challenge other players for dominance of a hex-based world map. Prodominus features both a campaign and a multiplayer skirmish mode where you may play against your friends.


Main features:


  • Civilization-building gameplay. The game has an unique gameplay that combines elements from empire building games with those from collectible card games. Choose a nation and lead it to become a civilization of epic proportions. Use a deck of cards to build, expand and conquer.


  • Campaign or Skirmish mode. You can play the game in campaign mode against the AI or pick a battle with your friends in skirmish mode.


  • Customizable card decks. You create and customize your own deck of cards for each match. A multitude of cards are available for construction, civilian, military or diplomacy purposes.


  • Online leaderboards. Once you gain experience you can level up and access the online leaderboards. In the campaign mode you gain stars and climb higher in the world ranking. See how well you play in comparison with your friends by connecting via Facebook.


  • Epic soundtrack & 3D graphics. Enjoy a stunning 3D top-down view of the world your civilization grows in, while listening to the epic soundtrack.